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With over 100 years of precision manufacturing knowledge and experience, Moore Tool has innovated every step of its journey.

With over 100 years of precision manufacturing knowledge and experience, Moore Tool has innovated every step of its journey.

Our Story

Our Story

Since 1924, The Moore Tool Company (Moore Tool) has served the die/mold, aerospace/defense, consumer electronics and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) markets by providing precision products, precision-machining services and assembly capabilities. True to our roots, we continue to offer a full range of aftermarket spare-parts for jig grinders, supported by certified Field Service Technicians located around the world in key manufacturing centers. Additionally, we are a proud partner to our sister company Moore Nanotechnology Systems (Nanotech), a global supplier of ultra-precision machine tool hardware and internally-developed CAM software. Moore Tool provides precision machining, grinding, and assembly services for several of the essential components that comprise Nanotech’s ultra-precision machine tool systems today.


Markets Served


From flight critical components to large parts with complex geometry, we offer broad and deep AS9100 and ISO:9001 jig grinding services that are essential to aerospace and defense companies who rely on resilient systems and long-term partners.



From tooling for medical prescription bottling to food and beverage packaging, we provide a comprehensive set of manufacturing capabilities that mold and die set manufacturers require to achieve the extremely demanding industry requirements for cost, uptime and output.



From mold plate tooling for plastic injection of optics to punch and die tooling for miniaturized electrical components, Moore Tool has a deep understanding of the sub micron requirements that these industries require.



From thin film stamping dies for EV batteries to sinter tooling for precision gear components, Moore Tool offers a broad range of capabilities for the stringent needs of the automotive industry.


Our Focus

Contract Manufacturing

Large, flat plate manufacturing and complex aerospace/defense parts that require meticulous care and handling

Jig Grinder Parts & Service

Comprehensive field engineering services for your jig grinding equipment and robust aftermarket spare and replacement parts

Moore Nanotechnology partnership

Dedicated partner and in-house supplier to sister company, Moore Nanotechnology Systems, next generation jig grinder machine