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Producto Precision Die Sets & Ultra-Precision Die Sets Under the Producto brand, Moore manufactures die sets from cast iron, A-36 steel, 4140 steel and QC-10 aluminum. Customers can specify any material. We manufacture to customer drawing, and can accept several electronic CAD file types. Our ability to hold and replicate close tolerances is what sets us apart from others in the industry and helps us meet your specifications in highly compressed shipping cycles.

Producto & Agathon have combined to offer a unique ultra-precision die set series manufactured to tighter tolerances than conventional die sets. These sets have a tolerance band roughly one fifth that of a conventional master die set. You will have the ability to maintain minimal clearances between punch and die. There is less down time with Agathon high precision components. These die sets are manufactured to your specifications and with a compressed shipment cycle.

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Custom Injection Mold Plates and A&B PlatesMoore provides precision tooling and services for the plastics industry. Moore’s custom plates used in the plastics injection mold industry are the highest quality available while priced competitively. Specializing in high value-added engineering processes with quality controls throughout each step, Moore utilizes cutting edge technology in design, manufacturing, assembly and certification. Stainless steel, A-36, 4140, QC-10 aluminum and other quality materials are routinely specified to meet final requirements.

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IBM (Injection Blow Mold and Parison Sets)Moore services the precision accuracy demands of the injection-mold industry with state-of-the-art tooling. Moore’s extensive experience and expertise enable us to meet your critical injection blow mold and parison set requirements. These die sets are available in A-36 steel, 4140 steel, stainless or any other material requested in the necessary tight tolerances. Moore can supply individual plates to fit on existing sets or recondition existing sets. Precision die sets components are also available to the customer for in-the-field modification. The use of cutting-edge engineering technology in the design, manufacturing and skilled assembly processes results in the highest quality tooling at competitive pricing with highly compressed cycle times.

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Catalog Die Sets A complete line of Catalog Die Sets, manufactured from steel or cast iron, are stocked and available for immediate shipment. Assembled with your choice of guide pins, bushings (plain or ball bearing) and shanks. Please contact Dieco or call 1.800.237.1440 for all catalog die set questions. Thank you.

Guide Pins, Bushings & ShanksProducto / Moore offers a complete line of precision guide pins and bushings as shown in our catalog. Plain guide pins and bushings plus a number of different ball bearing assembly styles insure that your design needs will be met with Producto components. Specials are also offered. Stocked for immediate shipment. Producto / Moore steel punch shanks are made from machine steel. All are 11/4 dia., 12 threads SAE/inch except for catalog number PS-O which is 3/4 inch dia., 10 threads/inch. Inserted shanks are also available at extra charge on any semi-steel punch holder.

Guide Pin Bushings Regular Shoulder
Long Shoulder
Short Shoulder
Guide Pin Bushings
Regular Shoulder R
Long Shoulder R
Short Shoulder R
Straight Guide
Pin Bushings
Guide Pins Master
Guide Pins Removable Clamp/Plug

Springs Please contact Dieco or call 1.800.237.1440 for all pin, bushing and shank questions. Thank you.
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