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Holes, Contours and Surfaces “Holes, Contours and Surfaces” Richard F. Moore - 1955

This book, now in its fifth printing, describes the methods and equipment that provide engineered solutions to one of the metalworking industry's toughest challenges: the locating and machining of holes, contours and surfaces to extremely close tolerances. With its comprehensive text and numerous instructional photographs and drawings, the book offers a goldmine of information for everyone who has anything to do with the production of tools, dies and precision parts- machine builders, tooling and production engineers, tool & die makers. It is also a must for engineering technical and trade school students as well as for learners and apprentices. Authored by Richard F. Moore and Frederick C. Victory, the book also contains a complete section of Woodworth Hole Location Tables for converting holes on circles to rectangular coordinates. $65.00 plus shipping and handling
“Foundations of Mechanical Accuracy” Wayne R. Moore – 1970

Classic text on precision engineering with over 550 photographs and engineering drawings, “Foundations of Mechanical Accuracy” has been translated into seven different languages with over 15,000 copies sold. How to attain precision in manufacturing to millionths of an inch and control such accuracies by appropriate measuring techniques is described and illustrated in this new book. Its author, Wayne R. Moore, devoted seven years to its research and writing. Acclaimed by leaders in science and industry throughout the world, the book is an invaluable source of ideas and a reference book of lasting value for everyone concerned with precision measurement and machining to ultra close tolerances. Contained in its 353 pages are over 550 photographs and engineering drawings-most of them original. Much of the information in the book has never before appeared in print. The subject matter is based in large part on the "four arts" underlying the attainment of mechanical accuracy: geometry, standards of length, dividing the circle, and roundness. A fifth section covers the techniques and applications of the Universal Measuring Machine. $150.00 plus shipping and handling

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