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About the Company The Moore Tool Company manufactures a complete line of jig grinders and has a precision manufacturing business certified to ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100C. The company is ITAR registered. 

Moore’s machine tool business builds fully automated and highly productive CNC Continuous Path jig grinders. We offer a complete line of machine accessories, including our ProGrind system which includes electric grinding spindles, flood coolant enclosures, as well as advanced sensor-based systems such as Moore Autogrind and the patented Moore Autosize®.

Moore’s precision manufacturing business specializes in aerospace and defense related machining including 5-axis milling and precision jig grinding. Moore also designs and manufactures tooling for the food packaging, metal stamping and plastics forming industries. The company operates out of a 100,000 SF, temperature-controlled facility in Bridgeport, CT and through a subsidiary, Moore Special Tool AG, located in Switzerland.

History at Moore Tool The Moore Tool Company has a long history of providing precision machine tools and measuring machines to the world's most demanding customers – people who need to machine and measure parts to increasingly tighter tolerances.

Founded in 1924 in Bridgeport, Connecticut by Richard F. Moore, the Company has remained true to his standards of mechanical excellence. In 1974, the American Machinist magazine awarded Richard Moore their prestigious AM Award and described him as the man who "gave the world’s industry an additional decimal place of accuracy!"

Moore started out as a tool & die company, but soon, Mr. Moore realized that the machinery he needed to work to close tolerances was not available. Early in the 1930’s, Mr. Moore developed a jig borer for his own work and that of fellow die makers; these machines were the first to utilize the famous Moore lead screw and double-vee construction. As tool and die making progressed in the 1940’s, the Company added the jig grinder to grind hardened steel components. Before long, measuring machines were added to the product line to inspect the higher accuracy parts manufactured on Moore jig borers and jig grinders.

Mr. Moore understood the underlying engineering principles necessary to build high precision equipment. He collaborated with a wide range of University researchers, as well as government and private laboratory scientists around the world to refine these mechanical design principles. Perhaps most importantly, he was able to train others to use these principles and apply the craft skills necessary to generate the geometry that was so uniquely " Moore Quality."

Over the years, many different machine applications were developed that took advantage of the superior Moore geometry and stability. Ruling engines and diamond turning machines were two prominent examples of Moore geometry.  Over 6,000 jig borers and 8,000 jig grinders have been manufactured, most of which are still in use today. In addition, several hundred ultra-precision special machines have been designed and built by the Moore to serve a wide range of industries including optics, aerospace, and defense.

In 1994, the Moore Special Tool Company and its European subsidiary, Moore Special Tool AG were acquired and became part of the PMT Group. The PMT Group is the parent of two operating companies today– Moore Tool Company, Inc. and Moore Nanotechnology Systems, LLC.

Moore Nanotechnology Systems, LLC. is dedicated to the development of ultra-precision machinery for diamond turning, deterministic grinding systems and glass press molding equipment, in the production of advanced plano, spherical, aspheric, conformal, and freeform optics.  Sectors primarily include consumer electronics, defense, aerospace, lighting, medical, and automotive. In 2009, construction of a new 36,000 state-of-the-art facility was completed in Swanzey, New Hampshire and all operations from the original Keene facility were successfully transferred in December of that same year.  

The PMT Group, through its operating companies, remains dedicated to maintaining world leadership in precision engineering and applying measurement science to develop machinery, systems and precision tooling components that exceed our customer’s expectations.

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